2017 Journal Set Up (Rose Gold) & Michaels Haul

Last year, I got a kikki.K planner slash journal for my birthday gift to myself. This year, I decided to buy a new planner and start from scratch. I was hesitant in jumping from one planner to another because I felt contented with my peach perforated kikki.K planner. I had tons of fun memories with it but I guess, once you started to explore stuff about doing journal, you can’t avoid buying new cool stuff.

Let me share to you my first ever trip to Michael’s. I was lucky because the year just started and they’ve had everything on sale. I swear, the moment I set my foot into this place, my eyes feast with different art and craft supplies. It felt like heaven for a moment! I was glad, excited and ecstatic into idea of diving and hoarding unto these different craft supplies.


I still chose to stick with medium sized / personal sized planner since it’s much easier to carry around. Last year, I got a medium sized kikki.K peach perforated planner. I did not regret anything about it but I thought I needed a change to step up my planning and journal skills πŸ˜‰ Β This year, I chose “rose gold” since I totally believe in horoscopes, feng shui and things like that. They said “gold” is the lucky color for this year. Hoping that I’ll get lucky, I picked this color in medium size of course. πŸ˜€

The planner itself is almost identical with my kikki.K. The only difference is that this is much cheaper than the first one. I only got this for 30$ since the store is on clearance sale. I was so lucky to find this because it was the last stock they’ve got in the store.

It comes with 6 gold rings inside, 3 free inserts and to-do and grid pages for writing. I did not buy any book pages to fill in my planner since I’m going to use my old notepad with “cute” theme from kikki.K that I got last year along with the planner. It looks good with any color of planner since the pages are in neutral colors. πŸ™‚

Next thing I bought was a planner charm and a tassel. I bought them separately. They both cost 6$ each. I chose white since it fits well with the rose gold planner and I think I could use this as well with my kikki.K planner in the future.

Planner essentials? Well, who could forget the washi tapes! I got these adorable washi tapes for 5$ each. They’re nice and thin just how I like it. I have been using them in protecting the pages and as a divider as well. They’re really cute! I am really in love with these πŸ™‚

Even though the planner itself comes with free inserts, I planned to make some for myself. I can just buy ready to use inserts but it is fulfilling for me to make and use my own personalize inserts. πŸ™‚ I got to pick the color and I don’t have to stick with old stocks with different colors they got from the store.

Since Gold is going to be my color for this year, I chose of course card stock papers with touch of gold on it. I also bought glittery pink because I thought it goes well with the rose gold planner. I have a “map” card stock as well because I wanted to include in my journal those places that i have visited. It’s really nice to keep these memories with you. πŸ™‚

Personalization is the thing that I wanted in making journal that’s why I bought these monogram stickers that I could attach on any part of my planner. They really attach well on leather surface.

I also got a complete planner set from Heidi Swap. It came with gold paper clips which goes well with my chosen theme. golden alphabets and black number stickers. It also has mini card quotes and paper frames that can be used in decorating. I got it for 18$. I also got a set of sticky notes from recollection which costs 7$. It has 160 pcs so I think it is a good deal! Of course, stickers, stickers! πŸ™‚

I also got sticky notes. I honestly don’t use them for anything since I only write journals on my planner. I only bought them because they look cute with my rose gold planner πŸ™‚

Lastly, I purchased a jar of mini stamps. It has 27 pcs of different emoji that you can use everyday. It comes with black ink. It costs 27$ so basically 1$ on each stamp. You cannot buy them individually but I believe this is a great deal because some of the stamps I saw were too much expensive.

Β Here are some of sample stamps. Nothing fancy about it. It’s good for people who aim for minimal design. I use this often because it helps me to balance the loud design that I have with my planner. It’s the yin to my yang. πŸ™‚

Well, there you go. That’s all that I got to start my journal world from scratch. I cannot wait to fill this with memories!

I’ll update this blog for future changes of my design. Thank you so much for reading. xoxo :*

Much love, J

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