Blogger Recognition Award

“To realize the importance of every second ,it should be pen down.” This is one of the lines that hit me from Life Memoirs Blog . I cannot tell you how excited I was when I received a nomination from her (for the very first time) for the blogger recognition award. 😀 This means so much to me and I feel appreciated and blessed to encounter some people who appreciate my hard work and passion that I put into this blog 🙂

My Blogging Journey

I started this lifestyle blog 2 years ago with a reason of *drumroll*  boredom. I recently migrated in CA at that time and I did not have any friends at all. It was a fresh start for me. Just what like other bloggers would say, “it started as a hobby” & i can’t deny that I am really hooked right now lol. I decided to write down about my passion in life which are mainly baking, cooking and some deep thoughts I had in mind at midnight. Time went fast and little did I know that I was slowly starting to grow a “legit” blog thanks to wordpress! I added “art”,“beauty”,“travel”,“reviews” and a collection of vlog roll. I was confused in what to name my blog so I’ve been jumping into one blog name to another (my close friends can testify to that!). I learned that if you want to build a brand name, you should stick to one domain so in the end, I decided to name it in regards to my name “much love, J” since I believe that blogging  is like writing a love letter where you put all your thoughts and effort, I use it as a closing remark in my every post. 🙂

My Advice

I had some excellent feedback about my blog and it really felt good whenever I read comments from other bloggers so I started plugging my site to different social media. I started to gain few likes and followers. It boosted my confidence but I was never contented. I always wanted lots of people to like or follow my every post. In the long run, I realized that blogging was never really for likes and follows but it’s all about how you inspire and how you are being inspired with others. Learn to communicate with other people, digest their entries and reflect about it. Inspire other people as much as how you would want to be inspired by others. The other thing is passion is a key to everything you do and it’s the same for blogging. Do what you love, follow your heart and you’ll never have to wake up in the morning feeling obligated just to write and entry. I had struggled in my first few months because to be honest, I rarely write about anything not unless it’s a school project. That’s why it is important to choose a right niche in the very beginning of your blogging journey. 🙂

WordPress had been a great flat form in terms of blogging and business. I’ve encountered many blog sites that served as an inspiration in my journey of blogging.


I’m really glad to encounter these blogs. They give me inspiration in my blogging journey! Make sure to visit them you will definitely love them 🙂

Again, thank you Life Memoirs Blog for giving me my very first award! This is a perfect birthday gift for me! xo


Much Love, J






4 responses to “Blogger Recognition Award”

  1. Oh dear !! You gave more credit then even I deserve .I am glad for bringing smile on your face .Have a wonderful time and I am overwhelmed that I had been able to inspire you for a good reason !!

    Cheers !! Congratulations once again and happy blogging !!

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