The Mask I Live In

Take a piece of paper and jot down words that you could use in describing yourself. How do you see yourself? (I know you did not do it because it’s just a waste of time or maybe you are preoccupied on some things other than describing yourself.) But it is likely that there are some words that played in your head upon reading the first sentence that could actually describe you and somehow that’s also what other other people might see you. Some of them might have positives and negatives but hey, that what makes you who you are. These words makes you as a unique individual person.

Most of us are rooting on our positive side. People are dwelling on beauty, on asymmetry, on physical attributes that makes themselves feel safe and secure. For them to be accepted in a society that they wanted to be part of. There is nothing wrong with that but usually, by just trying to fit in on what the culture, society and media say, we often forget who we really are. But what does really matters most? Is it what the other people see or is it  what you feel within yourself? We often show the world the “different” version of ourselves just for us to make ourselves feel better. We thought if we do not play the role that society pushes us to do, we’d be an outcast. We are worrying over and over on things that we cannot handle. We  buying things that we cannot afford with money that we don’t have just to impress people that we don’t even like. Women starting to starve themselves just to have that model’s skinny body. Men talking in jargon trying to act cool. Kids acting like some grown women just to brag on social media. We are so occupied on having things that we cannot have or achieve and when we finally make it, there are still some things that seems like incomplete. Something is still missing. There then we would realize that superficial things does not really matter. What other people see in you is not really important. What important is what makes you happy.
This generation has changed a lot and will continue to change. Some are for the better, some are not nice. In this constant changing world of values, culture, society, media and beliefs, the good thing to do is just be the real you.8AF4641F4C2DB5DB41B0C875FF10AC56

3 responses to “The Mask I Live In”

    • that’s true. it’s inevitable but losing our identity into the conception we have to ourselves is kinda terrifying.


  1. At the end of the day, what we feel and what we struggle to believe in consume the passion that we have inside ourselves…There is nothing wrong being true to oneself.Contentment is never an elusive dream…☺

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