Low key backpacker vibe

Outfits while hanging out with friends should not be that grand for you not to be having fun nor too plain to mask yourself in the dark. I’m a huge fan of black coats and white tees so i tried looking low key matching it with my low toned make up. We still have a cold weather so don’t forget your boots and ear muffs. In my case, I used a huge knitted head band to protect my ears from the weather and also just to tidy up my hair!

I am also fond of using backpacks instead of huge leather bags. Well, it really depends on the mood but backpacks comes handy when you have tons of things you need to bring with you like laptop, books, gym clothes. etc i must say.

As for the outfit details, i wore a knitted head band from bluenotes, Black coat from Zara, leather boots from American Eagle and handy backpack from Asus.

Some outfits might be costly, some are cheap af, just always remember, whatever you wear, wear it with confidence!


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