Summum Bonum

What defines your happiness? Maybe a nice weather while cuddling in bed with your espresso and your favorite book or maybe it is when you get to spend time with the people you love the most. Some of us might define it just like any other dictionary says, a state of well being. Some might say happiness is just as same as dolce far niente or the sweetness of doing nothing. Oh, maybe an email from an overseas friend or tons of likes that you get from social media. Satisfying physiological needs? Passing grade? Having peace of mind perhaps? It would take infinity to identify things that makes us human beings happy but it only takes a second to know if you are happy or not. Just one question, are you REALLY happy?

I am currently reading Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project and as i flip and read all over the pages, it is as if she was feeding me my favorite food. Favorite because as the title says, it is all bout how to attain your happiness. I mean, who deos not love attaining happiness right? The funny thing is i found myself nodding and agreeing in every page. The project is basically composed of twelve – month step by step in attaining your ultimate goal: HAPPINESS. Ofcourse, as anyone would say, it involves self help phrases like “Be yourself.” “Know what makes you REALLY happy and what doesn’t.” I was happily reading the book until i suddenly noticed something in the fifth chapter Be Serious About Play. I noticed that hint of melancholy about letting go of possibilities. Letting go of what could have been. 

Letting go is part of everybody’s life. It is just like what they say about life, “You cannot have everything you want. ” Well I can have two profession at the same time. Let’s say i can be a nurse and a professor at the same time  and i love teaching but i really like being in the medical field. You are doing well, somehow manage your time in work and family and you are financially stable but suddenly you’ll ask yourself, are you REALLY happy? Everything is A-okay, but somehow you’ll find yourself, either there is something missing OR there is something that’s overwhelming you. One thing’s for sure you are bothered about something. You’ll spend every night and free time or perhaps even when you are busy into thinking, what you were missing? It will affect your everyday living at some point and let’s just hope that you’ll reach the conclusion part. You have to do SOMETHING. You cannot just sit there and go with the flow. That you have to let go. No reasons, no if’s no buts. Just let go.

There is this desire of wanting the other side. Of wanting the possibilities. The strong attraction of imagining things that could possibly happen. Some people might see it as if you were just bored but you know deep down inside that you need to do something about it.

Life is so sweet and so promising and we can only taste so much of it. There are millions of possibility that could happen in a matter of split second so move your ass and go find that REAL happiness. Don’t think about the if’s and but’s. Take a leap!  For some, it might be a place where you could go and snuck yourself in forever. For some, it might be the state of mind that you learn to accept. At the end of the day, it all boils down to YOU.



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