Beyonce Knowles Knows

Almost everyone wants to get skinny or at least shred those fats off in an instant but not everyone is willing to do the work. I believe in the saying “a moment in your lips, a lifetime in your hips.” It is pretty much accurate until i heard about the Lemon Juice Diet aka “The Beyonce Diet”. Well, it is really not a diet, it’s like a cleansing program that you have to stick with. I first heard this from my make up artist slash friend way way back and i being curious googled and tried it. It REALLY worked! But i have to say obviously it is not healthy. It is like having a drastic or crash diet. Anything made fast is not good..just like the fast food i guess? And Just like any other crash diets that i have heard, the rebound is actually pretty drastic too. At least, I was glad for a moment that i am able to experience “glory” and fulfillment after putting up and having commitment to this diet program. (Though it kinda felt like cheating lol)

You have four detox plan to choose from.

  1. Full Detox – you have to have this drink for 10 days straight. No solid foods, just the drink for 10 days. I tried this one and believe me it worked but i looked like a dried banana or something lol. No glow, i look dry and i did not have energy at my 10th day. I felt irritated and became moody as days passed.
  2. Relaxed Detox – there’s no such thing as a relax version when you’re detoxifying eh? but i’m gonna call this a relaxed version just because all you have to do is substitute EITHER your breakfast or dinner or BOTH with this drink. BUT you still have to avoid common fattening foods like sweets, fried foods, dairy products and booze. Boo.
  3. Once A week Detox – as the name suggests, you skip meals and have the detox drink on one each day week.
  4. Master Detox – “master” as it says, it involve TWICE YEARLY multi–day detox PLUS  detoxing once a week.

I know you’re curious about this drink so let me share you the ingredients and steps on how to make it. You’ll going to need:

  1. H2o 
  2. Lemon Juice 
  3. Cayenne Pepper 
  4. Organic Maple Syrup 

This detox drink is mainly made with just water with lemon juice. (2 tbsp of Maple Syrup in every half a pint of Lemon Juice and water), a pinch of cayenne pepper and you’re good to go!

Personally, I have good and bad insights about this diet. Good, because as it promised, it’ll gonna detox and help you to lose some weight. Bad, because of the rebound effects and obviously it is not healthy.

Have you heard or tried this diet? Tell me your thoughts!8AF4641F4C2DB5DB41B0C875FF10AC56

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