Everything You Want is On the Other Side Of Fear

Fears come in different faces for every individual. Whatever that might be, impending failure or success comes with this fear. It depends on the person who is handling the situation on how he or she faces it.

In our brain, we do have our “limbic system” that is activated in this kind of situation. It is the “fight or flight” response that is taking action whenever we encounter fear.

There are some rules in using your own fear as your ladder to success.

  1. Identify your fear. Know exactly what REALLY your fear is. Pin point the things you consider that threatens you. Analyze them one by one. Fears often disguise themselves so make sure you make an effort in recognizing them. Here’s a tip, fears are usually emotional rather than rational.
  2. Beware of your “inner voices”. Few moments before a fight or flight response, we usually have these “inner voices” asking ourselves,talking to us on what are we gonna do, are we gonna fight back? or just run? In this moment we usually make our assumptions and usually they’re always negative. Try to change your inner voices by practicing new and positive statements.
  3. Conserve energy. Do not worry. Worrying is like a rocking chair, it consumes all of your energy but it does not get you anywhere, moreover you only stay at that very exact the same place. DO NOT consume all of your energy in to that “one thing”. Ot does not get you anywhere. Force yourself and use your energy to ACT based on the situation rather than just worrying.
  4. Be consistent. Consistency is better than pulling off a huge effort in order to succeed. Take small steps toward these goals everyday rather than trying to pull off one huge effort on order to succeed. Cliché as it may seem but practice makes perfect.8AF4641F4C2DB5DB41B0C875FF10AC56

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