Think Before You Click

In this millenial generation, making it to the “trending list” do matter. And usually, those things on top of that list are NOT really relevant.
Social media has a great impact in affecting our daily lives. It can be a good source of news moreover ideas or can be just a total hoax and can cause miscommunication. I remember an article i read from buzzfeed showing trending unbelievable and uncanny videos. The sad truth is when they uncovered such things, they showed that almost all of them are just a hoax. Making up stories just to fish views and likes eh?

In this social media, we can find tons of stupidity shamelessly parading in front of everyone’s eyes. Girls posting nudes just to gain million of likes and views, guys cursing in videos and the worst is teenagers morelike KIDS acting and looking like they’re on hollywood or something. We type and post things we don’t mean and we don’t even bother to think before clicking. I believe that yes, we should MIND OUR OWN BUSINESS. But if you post and you shamelessly let other people know and update everyone on everything you do, don’t you think it’s your chosen audiences’ (unlessbyou chose to go public!) right to judge or react? I mean, this is a free world after all, just like you do… right?

Nowadays, being connected online is important and i understand that because i,myself, is currently in a long distance relationship that’s why i somehow understand the importance of social media. But sometimes,people,including me, (i don’t want to be hypocrite) are engaged in going online and capturing everything (ofcourse for blogging purposes! :p) rather than enjoying the moment we we’re in. We build a different world, far different from our real world that sometimes we forget which is real for us and which is not. We want to please everyone. We want to be liked, to be appreciated and we do EVERYTHING just to achieve that.

Privacy is overrated nowadays and this generation is clearly adapting to these changes. Even this blog you are reading now breaches my own privacy but clearly i am included on that “millenial generation” who is slowly eaten by the world wide web. What can we do about this? (Ofcourse i am not taking down my blog unless there’s a law for it :p) Well, I just hope we don’t overdo it.

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