6 Tips for Surviving First Day of School

If you are a student, or still going to an institution for your degree program, like me, this blog is for you. I have already graduated and acquired my Bachelor In Science Degree in Nursing way way back, (I am currently a Registered Nurse) and I also took up my second course which was Bachelor In Science of Information and Technology. As I moved into another country, I have to go back to school AGAIN for the nth time because the country i came from has different standards and curriculum to the country i moved in. So, basically, i have spent almost entire of my life in school and experienced those “first day of school” for the hundredth time. Last week was my first week of school here in Canada, so I decided to do a blog about surviving your first day of classes.

  1. Be prepared. Do not go to school unwillingly. The night before your first day, try to gather things that you’ll be needing for the day ahead. Check your class schedule and room. Also, you will not be needing the entire school supply store but at least bring your pen and notebook or papers with you. If you know already the books required, buy it for God’s sake. College is totally different in elementary. While some professors are dilly dallying during the first day, most of them are prepared as well so you have to have your books ready just in case. In my case, i haven’t purchased my book because I was making sure if the book required is really the book we are going to use. I was wrong in making that decision because almost of my classmates had theirs and we needed it right away so I kinda felt left out, but that’s okay.
  2. Sleep Early. Sometimes, the things that we take for granted are the  most important things we need like sleep. This story is not new for most of us. We have our own life and responsibilities and these are some of the reasons why we take our sleep for granted. In my case, I am a working student. I pay for my tuition fee. I do not come home that late at night but if I were just studying, I guess I could allot more leisure time in sleeping. Even if you slept for complete 8 hours, I swear it is not enough for you to be energized. You have to sleep on time even though your classes are in the afternoon. Sleeping late at night and getting up late is not effective. Take it from me who’s been doing that for a year now. I always seem to feel tired even after sleeping for a long time. It’s just different.
  3. Eat your breakfast! Breakfast is as much as important as your complete 8 hour sleep. You’ll be needing tons of energy for the day so start your day right. I suggest eat light breakfast like cereals, fruits or coffee. Do not eat a lot of fiber as it may affect your concentration and focus while you’re in your class. Heavy breakfast takes 2-3 hours to digest and by that time you are already in your classroom listening to those boring teacher jokes lol. Heavy meal makes your blood gush to your digestive system for it to digest the foods you’ve taken.In return, you’ll feel sleepy because you do not have much blood in your brain working. You do not want that to happen in class. Trust me on this one.
  4. First Impression Lasts. Smile and be friendly! Not that Kim Kardashian smirk or Big Grinch smile, just a natural smile will do! Cliche as it may seem, first impression lasts! Smile unless you want to give a negative vibes on your classmates and professors. Be friendly or try to fit in. Well, I guess this depends on person’s personality. If you don’t want to befriended with other people or you just simply don’t care, well at least try to be a decent human being. Smile. If you are a friendly person like me, try to know your seatmate without looking creepy, wave at someone you know or have seen before or look for friendly faces and compliment someone just to make their day. Do not complain around others. Nobody wants to hang out with a negative person.
  5. Take one step at a time. Be organized. You don’t need to be a superwoman multitasking things like chitchatting with a new friend while pretending to be listening to your professor while taking down notes while texting your boyfriend or girlfriend while worrying about the next subject just because it’s math! More likely you are not functioning well if you re used to do these things simultaneously. Do it step by step. A tip for you as the days of your schooling goes by is have your time table managed. Keep a mini calendar with you, or a planner. It does not have to be a starbucks planner as long as it keeps you on track! In my case, I use Jorte planner app. You can download it on itunes or playstore. It is basically a calendar slash planner application that you can customize and add icons. It really looks cute!
  6. Have fun! School doesn’t always have to be boring eh? Tell jokes, do not be serious at all times but don’t forget to be focused when it is needed.  If you want your time to fly fast, enjoying is a great way!


How was your first day at school? or office maybe? Do you have any tips or crazy stories you could share on how’d you survived them? Tell me your thoughts!8AF4641F4C2DB5DB41B0C875FF10AC56

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