Someday Our Reality Will Be Better Than Our Dreams

I will never get tired of waiting. I will always wait for our unlimited “somedays” and “we wills”. I will never stop loving you from a distance although it quite hurts. It quite hurts because i keep longing for your touch and kisses that wakes me up first thong the morning. Your unexpected hugs while I cook in your kitchen. I want to eat my favorite foods and new food adventures with you. I want to explore the city lights with us together. Sneaking in your front gate at midnight avoiding dogs coz your parents might hear us. I will never get tired of reminiscing those moments. I miss your natural scent on my body. I know someday i will get to wear your worn off sweater at night just because it makes me feel safe. Good memories keeps me going. The thought of someday we will be together serves to me as an inspiration as i wake up here everyday. Some days may seem as awful as it gets but we still fight because we can. We have this one common vision and that is to be together and as long as i know that you’re fighting, i will not lose hope. Those plans we made together will be fullfilled together. That vacation and trips we planned where we’ll gonna roam around the new city, meet new people, experience their culture, fishing at noon and eat all of the fishes we’ll gonna catch! (They’d better be ready coz their living days are over!) Watch the sunset together and bon fire at night. Someday i know we’ll marry each other. Have a family, (sounds like a creepy partner, i know sometimes i am :p) We’ll be successful together,help you in your hardest times and celebrate with you when you are at your happiest. There is really no assurance for this kind of love, for any kind of love there is none, but I am willing to give my everything in this relationship because I believe in you. I will never get tired of waiting every single day for that day to come because i know, in God’s perfect timing, anything is possible. A little bit of faith and hope everyday is all we need and we’re almost there. Just hang on tight because i know someday our reality will be better than our dreams.

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