French Toast Emergencies?

Some mornings are like i-want-to-eat-but-lazy-to-cook. So here’s some grocery shopping notes and procedure not just to relieve those lazy mornings but feeding that monster inside your tummy as you wake up. I know the fat kid inside you is still sleepy so here’s a quick list!

You’ll gonna need:

1) Bread

2) Eggs

3) Milk

4) Butter

5) Parmesan Cheese

6) Some salt

In less than 5 minutes i will teach you to feed those tummy monsters! First thing that you need to do is cut your bread in this way.

Use fork or knife to do so.

Spread ’em some love.. with butter..nicely and evenly!

Then let’s get those eggs crackin! Well just one egg will suite that space so of you’re really hungry there’s no problem you could make a lot of these in a matter of seconds! (not really in seconds)

Sprinkle a little bit of salt to taste and microwave for…

or 1 minute.

That fresh egg better be cooking themselves or i am gonna eat the plate lol jk. For sure it’ll be nicely done. After that, sprinkle some cheese lovin’. The more the merrier the yummier! (i guess?)

Then voila! your tummy would be glad to receive its morning grace.

Tip: Dont forget to say amen before and after eating. 😉

Tell me about your thoughts.

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