No-Bake Graham Cake

There’s tons of recipe for no-bake cakes and here is one of them. Who would have thought you can make cake with just using Graham Crackers? Things that are needed are:

1) Graham Crackers

2) Condensed Milk

3) Cream

4) Glass Bottle

First thing that you need to do is find a container. The size of container will determine the size of the cake. Open the pre-lacked graham crackers. You could find them on any grocery store. Start filling up the first layer of graham crackers. Make sure the edges of the container is covered entirely with the crackers. It prevents the cream to flow and stuck underneath. Set it aside. Mix cream and condensed milk with the measurement ratio of 2:1. This is important because you don’t want your creamer to be too watery.

You can now add the mixture to the first layer of crackers. Then add another layer of mixture, and then crackers, so on so forth until you fill up your container.

Lastly, put the remaining mixture make sure it is on top. Set it aside. Get some packs of graham crackers and crush them finely with a glass bottle. Wine bottles would make a nicely fine crushed grahams make sure you don’t break it!

Then top your multilayered graham cake with the finely crushed graham crackers.

Chill. Serve. Enjoy.

This is a basic way of no-bake-graham cake. You could also use fruits as toppings.

What are your thoughts?

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