EVERYDAY: We Know Better. We Choose Better. We Do Better. 

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I love you. I really do. There are situations when we are imperfect, we were shattered. We thought we are ruined but we NEVER gave up on each other. Endless tears, endless fights but still standing beside each other. We shared both laughters and sorrows. We both grow inside our relationship and we still do up to now. We put up on everything. We try to make up on each other’s shortcomings. Some moments were hard for us. Misunderstandings are inevitable. Fighting with you shamelessly always hurts me inside but i don’t want you to notice because i want you to see me as a strong woman. A woman who chooses pride before anything else. It is who i am. Who i WAS. As we learned how to dance in our relationship, we knew how to handle things. You always knew what to do. I am glad that you handled me on my nest and you handled me on my worst. Vice versa. I cannot think of any man that can replace you. My love for you is inside my system. It cam never go away. You are my other half, you complete my not just me but also my world. I built my world around you and i am never afraid of giving what i could give the most not because of the certainty that you will or can reciprocate but because i just want to. It’s my will. It’s from my mind, it’s what’s in my heart. God knows how i cherish our relationship. 1,2 chances small and big misunderstandings, we had all of them. Sometimes i thought quitting was the solution but you never let my hand go. You hold on. Our love grew.Goals are built and we keep pursuing our dreams. We never let anyone down. You supported me in every decisions I make in my life. Some turned out to be negative, some turned out to be dine. You know what? I was never afraid. Because i know deep inside my heart, whatever i am gonna choose, you ‘ll never leave me hanging. And you never let me fail.As you achieve your goal, i know that you know that i’ll be always with you. Ups and downs i will. You know that. We help each other to become a better person.

As an individual, we both have our different worlds but those worlds met and you would not just expect pure bliss and happiness because what is love without pain eh? Pain taught us the importance of each other. Pain taught you and me not to give up, to have more patience, to give more and expect nothing. In the end, that is what love is about. It is not measurable, it is not selfish. It is selfless. And “US” taught me that. I am very luck to have found you. I am very lucky to be woth you.

The waiting game. Time is really important for us. I cannot wait to be with you again. To touch your face, to sleep on your chest, to kiss your lips. But time is what makes me sad because it’s the thing that separates us. I have to wait for the right time. I know timing is a bitch. But ain’t no bitch is ginna ruin this. You give me strength and hope everyday that i wait. Everyday I lookforward for the day that our eyes will meet not just virtually but IRL. You strengthen my faith every single day. You give me hope and turned my dreams day by day into reality. Suddenly i just realized that the “time” that i have been waitng for all my life is as important as the journey of our waiting game. You showed me how to live outside the circle of our relationship. We learned to enjoy life as individuals.

At the end of the day, we will never l undestand the hack of love and relationship. But i know that we know better. We choose better. We do better.

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