Can’t Move On? (What To Do while Stuck in Traffic)

Like change, traffic is inevitable. Everyday we go to our work and we experience different kinds of pollution. Noise pollution, environmental, and worst is traffic pollution. The severity of situation depends on what state you are living. The busier your state is, the higher probability of traffic you experience. We could not do anything about it but just abide the rules, the law. But what are your coping mechanisms when you’re stuck in traffic?

Let me share you mine.

1. Play Lively Music

Being stuck in traffic makes you feel bored so the tendency is you’re becoming more and more impatient. You look grumpy in the morning. Better thing to do is play lively music to set up your mood and for you to forget the stress. Play that funky music. πŸ˜‰

2. Talk that Talk

Use your other senses. Talk. When you are with someon, try to talk about current events, showbiz, or anything under the sun. When you are alone, sing out loud! Release that stress related to traffic. You don’t know if some recording producer out there might’ve been listening to your golden voice and discover your talent. πŸ˜πŸ’

3. Read a Book

Whenever i commute, I always bring my book with me. Sometimes i have my ebooks too. Reading makes your travel time shorter. It’s really uncanny but it always does. Imagination is the key. Just don’t forget to look out for your final destination. You might not want to travel back after skipping your next stop. Well i guess more chapters of book for ya!

4. Meditate

This is the complete opposite of number 2. But it’s a good thing too to the extent that you won’t get sleepy most especially when you’re the driver. What i meant about meditate is take your time to be quiet. Indulge into silence. Let that noisy traffic world outside your windshield. Don’t worry incase you fall asleep, you gonna wake up by the honks of the cars behind ya. πŸ˜…

5. Formulate Blog Post

Not typically writing your whole blog post in the middle of traffic. What i mean is formulate ideas, jot down notes in a piece of paper, use you application on your phone, write random words that you can blog for later. You don’t know what would hit you in the middle of traffic eh? I just hope the one that would hit you will not be the bumper of the car behind ya.

6. Update your to-do List

Maybe the reason while you are stressing about traffic and why you’re stuck out there is because of your unorganized to-do list and schedules. You would not be there in the first place if you just woke up earlier or planned something beforehand. So better update those things while you’re busy in the middle of the traffic so next time you won’t be at that exact same spot and situation again.
As you can see, all these things makes you occupied while you’re stuck. They are designed to lengthen your patience at the same time become productive and relaxed. For sure there are lots of things you could do, some might me crazy as honking for no reason, texting or simply taking a selfie. It’s really up to you if you want to be productive on this day and be a funky happy go lucky on the next day you’re stuck. What’s important is you’ll getover that traffic like Rose get over with Jack’s death. πŸ˜€

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