Sisig Recipe

 I am a rice person. And when i say i love this food, that food, those foods, blah blah, i REALLY love it. One food that suits the rice best is “Sisig”. It is an Asian dish made mainly with pork. Sisig means “to snack with something sour.” Sisig originated from the Philippines. The story started way way back when the local residents of Philippines mainly in Pampanga region bought pig heads. At that time, pig heads were useless so they bought it cheap. Then they invented a way to use those pig heads in serving for a meal. There goes the Sisig. It originated from a chopped pig’s head but you could use any kind of meat you want from fish to pork even chicken. I prefer the pig’s ear. It may sound gross but heck yea try it first before you judge i swear it is beautifully delicious!

I cannot remember the first time i tasted it but i always find myself craving for it!  It’s good with rice but it is also good with beer! You can have it as a snack while drinking. It’s really good.

I learned to cook it from my mom. The ingredients are:

1. Meat

2. Onions

3. Mayonaise

4. Lemon

It’s easy to cook!

1. First thing you need to do boil the pork. Wait until is tender.

2. And then chop the onions.

3. Next thing is chop the pork. Fry it. (Instead of frying, you could also cook it by grilling. I like the grilling more than frying because it brings out the oil inside the pork.)

4. Then half way thru, mix the onions in frying pan. (Don’t overcook the onions.)

5. After that, put it in a bowl then mix a little bit of mayonnaise and add a zest of lemon.

6. Garnish with lemon, serve and enjoy!

The good thing with Sisig is you can do the same process of cooking with other kinds of meat like fish, chicken or anything you want. Nowadays, cooks are experimenting and modifying the dish by adding different stuffs like tofu, spices, eggs etc.

It is usually a snack but i personally prefer it eating with rice and i want it spicy!

Do you have any unforgettable food from your roots of origin? Do you know how to cook them? Tell me your thoughts.

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