The Unhealthy Nurse Goes Treat or Trickin’

It’s that time of that year again when everyone’s excited about going to parties, kids are drooling for sweets and spooky of the spookiest stuffs at everybody’s neighborhood are being displayed! It’s Halloween!

It’s hallow’s eve and I just got home from trick or treating with some of my mama’s friends and their kids. Today was so crazy yet magical. Crazy because I did my last minute shopping for my costumes and stuffs for the night. The market was SO full. Everywhere we go, there are lots of people also doing their panic buying and take note the store gets even more crowded because some of the people buying are wearing their huge weird costumes that blocks people’s way. If you are willing to swim in the crowd just for an extra discount since as the halloween’s getting near, the proces will go low, you can buy your stuffs the day before halloween starts. But if you have money to pay extra then shop whenever you want.

My first Halloween costume idea was to be a witch. But I changed my mind since I am a nurse, why not bring my profession in this celebration. So yea, I was the “unhealthy nurse”. You can see it in my make up lol. I wore the usual nurse’s kinda slutty uniform (because heck yea nurses does not work like this at the hospital setting.) And ofcourse don’t forget the old witch’s  rapunzel-like wig. Bought all of them from Party City. I spent like 50 bucks for everything not including my boots.

Let’s talk about my make up, or let’s say face paint, whatever you may call it. My first idea was The Joker. I was so excited, googled tons of Joker’s images to have my own basis and copy while doing it on my face but then what happened was not according to my plan. As usual, mine looked lame. The good thing about Halloween is that you don’t actually have to be pretty or something (unless you portray a fairy god mother or princess, something like that) Zombies are in so might as well.

Here’s what I did with my make up.

It’s simple as 1,2,3. First is paint your face white. Then, draw a huge lips like Kylie Jenner’s fish lips. Draw stitches alongside of your lips. Draw Ursula’s eyebrow onto your eyebrow. Don’t forget the eyebags and dark circles araound your eyes. (Well it’s not new to nurses) then draw skull’s nose and fake wound at the forehead.  I only used 3 colors in here, white, red and black. The gray area under my eyes is just the black mixed with white. No fake nails. I did not use it since i don’t want my motions to be restricted. And oh, i used black boots for my shoes.

Here’s a closer and complete look for my halloween trick or treating.

So much about myself, here’s a gallery for tonight.

How was you halloween? What are you trying to portray on your costume? Tell me your thoughts! 🙂

PS. Happy Halloween! 🎃

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