UTC -6:00 Central America

 I was an almost non existent individual living my peaceful life with my favourite routines like waking and stretching up into a sunny morning after the last nights beer pong, breathing in that pollution (I live in the city) a proof that hey I’m still alive because I can still see and feel the dirt of pollution all over my face. The time when I don’t have to eat three full meals a day because I live alone. BFFs are just one text away whenever I want to drink or party and that means 24-hour “sleep overs” with crazy girlfriends. Eating whenever I want, sleeping whenever I want. Unlimited cuddle time with my partner. No time restraints. All the “independency” were gone after I received the news that I am being petitioned by my mom overseas so I can migrate and live with our family. That news really devastated me. Yes of course I love my family but a sudden change of things around me, my environment, habits and routines that I REALLY loved are soon going to be altered. I knew I have to bid adieu.

Everything’s settled, nothing can change the “plan” (my parent’s plan). Yes, I left. It was so full of drama between me and my partner, my friends and not to mention the storming ideas inside my brain. Should I go? What stuffs do I have to bring? Am I gonna be able to live with the fact that I am not coming back? I don’t have friends over their, my BFFs here are the best and no one will ever replace them! I love my partner and i’m planning to marry him but if we’d choose LDR, that means we’re gonna be over in a short period of time. Maybe I should not go after all.

But, I did follow everything according to what was planned. As of now, I am typing this entry UTC -6:00 Central America. That’s 12 hours behind the time in the country I originally came from. And you know what? It’s not that bad. The changes that I have to face are difficult for me. Everything is NEW. First thing was the weather. I came from a tropical country so moving in a 4 seasoned country was all new to me. Good thing was I came in during summer so I don’t have to endure the cold days right away. But hey it’s almost winter now and everyone around me is talking like “you’re not gonna be able to make it alive!” What i really loved is i could play with my clothes and i could flaunt my fashion statement during spring, and fall. Talk about the coats, scarf and boots! But I am really curious at the same time a little bit worried about the winter but it’s my first time so fvck it. My first winter is gonna be awesome. It should be! (I’m gonna update you here after I experienced my first winter.) The second thing is my social life. Basically, I DON’T HAVE SOCIAL LIFE. In my first months of migrating overseas, I have no one except for my relatives and my sister. My co-workers does not count. They are all in different age span and I cannot realy count them in as my “bff”. Some are old, some are too young. There’s this woman who’s in the same age as me. Yes. We are friends. On facebook lol. I really hope as time goes by, I would be able to make and build friendships that I have in my former country. No one’s laughing at my jokes because I am cracking them with myself only lol. By now, I am learning to work and move independently. Not the irresponsible independent type of woman but the responsible one. The hardest part of moving overseas is leaving your partner behind. The good thing though is he’s understanding and the LDR thing is not bad as we thought. Good communication and trust is the key. We are working it because he’s planning to move in here too so I’m not really stressing about that. The other thing is I am learning new language and I mean not just the native language of the country that I just move in but totally different languages because of other people I meet from different countries. The currency of money got me all fvcked up at work lol. It did got me some time to understand the currency. The stuffs I buy from the grocery store are totally different from the country where I came from! As of now, I am enjoying the privilege of buying things that’s all new to me from foods to cosmetic products. (And I find the stuffs cheaper in here that the country I came form).

A cliché as it may seem but yes, change is inevitable. It just depends on the person facing the changes if he or she is willing to live in a life without certainties or living life out of the box. It’s better being able to adapt to changes but whatever you choose, don’t forget the place that you came from, don’t forget the old “you”.

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