Best Frienemy For Life


If there is someone that I hated the most, it WAS my sister.

I was the star of the family. I was everyone’s apple of their eye not until my sister stole the spot light from me. Since then, i was subjected as the “prodigal child”. I am the “black sheep”. I did well on school but she got on the top list. When mom buys stuff for me, my sister should have it too or else I cannot have it. It’s like having someone to compete everyday and it was exhausting.

Time passed by, we grew up and needed to go to college. It was only just the two of us living in a condo. No one but me and her. At times, we fight brutally. We literally throw stuffs on each other’s faces. We shout and curse. We did not even care about the neighbors. We’ve been through the worst days. It was chaos. But as we mature, we learned to live together. We depended on each other. We tried to compromise and accept on each other’s differences. When someone’s mad, we learned to handle our inner demons well unlike before. When we cannot agree onto something, someone’s gonna give way.

Sisters are sharing laughter and wiping tears.

We started sharing stories about how’s each other’s day without making it sound awkward and obligatory. We literally became BFFs. When someone’s fighting with her, I come as a knight and shining armor. I don’t know, I think it’s an instinct when someone’s arguing with the one you love, you ought to protect him or her. Well, that’s what big sisters do. When I needed her help, she fought for me in some situations. We still disappoint each other some times but we are mature enough to accept and let go of our differences.

We do things for each other without expecting anything in return.

We realized we can enjoy each other’s company more than my other friends or her other friends.

Happiness is shopping…with your sister.

Those childhood memories are now making us laugh. And even now, we still fight on petty things but at the end of the day, we both know we’ve got each other’s back.

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