Iphone 6s Review

IMG_5755Just for the heads up, Im not an apple fanboy. I am in love with android’s capability of being customized according to your preference of choice. But I admit i always buy iphone products because they’re easier to use for a busy person like me who do not have time for some cool tweaks and stuffs (plus i feel i look better in iphone camera shots than the andtoid’s) I’ve been using iphone6 for months and i can say i am satisfied with its service. Many were shocked about its appearance having antenna lines at the back and bolder curves like its competitor the samsung phones. This goes the same with the iphone 6+. And now time flies by and just like everyone has expected, in just a couple of months, iphone releases its newest unit, the iphone 6s and 6s+.
Aesthetically, Iphone6s looks almost the same like its predecessor except the location of the  screws at the back. The curve and antenna lines at the back is still there. (that i really hate because i expected that they’d bring back the old iphone 5s look. Personally, it really looks sleeker than the new design) The aluminum content for the 6s is series 7000 aluminum, and according to some reviews i’ve read that’s stronger than last year’s aluminum. For the latter, it comes with the same metallic color as the former, gold, silver, space grey and the new color, rose gold. Some says it’s pink but apple is firm, it’s rose gold 😅 Eitherway, it’s new so everybody thinks it’s a cool thing to hve so who cares.

The new iphone 6s comes with a 3D touch which is similar to force touch. Two things to put in mind when it comes with 3D touch. Peek and pop. You’ll see a peek of its content when you lightly pressed an app while you’ll see a pop message with more options when pressed hard.

Iphone 6 is powered with A8 while the 6s is with the new A9 chip which makes its CPU 70% faster than the older one.

Let’s talk about the new 12 megapixel iSight camera which has 50% more pixels than before which means a clearer photo output and for the selfie addicts, a good news is that Apple added a new 5-megapixel FaceTime HD camera with a True Tone Retina flash. Yey for more selfies. 😉 Don’t forget about the Live Photos feature, which stitches together photos to create a brief video of movement (just like a gif).

Some might be a little bit disappointed for the new iphone6s is not that distinctive physically from its predecessor but its new features are far far better than the old one.
How do you find the new iphone6s? Any thoughts?

photodisclaimer: http://google.com

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