Garnier Ultra Lift Night Cream Review

IMG_4975-0I am always fond of buying facial cream containing “lifting” effect. I usually use the L’oreal Revitalift . It took me a month to finish it then i have to buy a new one. Upon looking around the drugstore, there’s not much vairety i could choose from when it comes to lifting effect (and i don’t believe that it is that much effective unless you undergo a laser therapy for firming and lifting or something) but i always buy products hoping that one day my face would actually be firm as it says on the products that i’ve been using. So i came accross with this Garnier Ultra Lift Night Cream. At first i thought it was loreal because they’re both on a small red glass container just like most of the firming products of L’oreal. The packaging looks nice. It does not look cheap to think it only costs 20-25 bucks. 

Inside the box, you can see a picture for reference of changes in your eye wrinkles while using the product. The expected changes ranges from week to week.


For its texture, it is slightly creamier than the day cream which is nice because you would usually use this at night prior to sleeping. It’s easy to apply, the cream feels rich and it is non greasy. For its smell, it is kind of green tea smell. It smells light which i like because im using it before hitting the sack.

 As for its effectiveness, i am a little bit worried if is it just me or the cream not having any effects because it says it reduces your wrinkles mostly on the eye area but swear to God nothing happend. Ive been using this for almost a month and my eyes looks the same although i noticed it lightened my eyes up. For the wrinkles  around my mouth, i noticed a very slight reduction of lines. Although my skin felt moisturized and smoother, i haven’t noticed any particular difference to the firmness of my skin. My skin feels healthier in general.

I am not that satisfied in purchasing this product,yet. So i am still goving this product another month to see a better result from it. Would i recommend this to a friend? For its price and some effectiveness, yes.

Have you tried this product? What are your thoughts?

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