An Upgrade to Windows 10 Review

From the very familiar and a giant leap of faith for the windows world,Windows 7 was introduced then there comes Window 8 which where everything became minimalistic then there comes the 8.1 with slight changes from its predecessor. Then here comes the Windows 10.


It started rolling out this last July 29, 2015. First thing that comes in mind is the word FREE. Yes it’s free for most of Windows 7 and 8 users and downloading the OS is painless. The biggest comeback is the start up menu! yey it’s back 🙂 Though it’s far different from the way it was in 7, 8 and 8.1. You can see a list of your most recently used apps, pin your Home folder or its preset subfolders (such as Pictures, Documents etc) to the Start Menu and see an alphabetical list of all your installed apps. Let’s talk about the live tiles. Yes, it can look very cluttered yet it’s still more organized than scattered  icons across your desktop.

It’s easy to use with a keyboard and mouse, but it’s even better with touchscreen computers. I can say most of the upgrades of Windows 10 are for the touch screen users. Like the Task View in which you can do by “Ctrl+Win key flip.” With a second monitor, you glance left or right. With a virtual desktop, the screen moves—not your head. You can flip back and forth quickly and efficiently. Instead of minimizing apps, it’s a cool tool to try.


New features like Microsoft’s Cortana virtual assistant and Edge browser gave new life into Windows. Aesthetically, Edge looks like an extension of chrome. There are new nice features to try like  pre-loading Web pages, password management, and caret browsing – which are worth a look. ALthough i’ve read some other reviews about using Microsoft Edge vs. Chrome. They did some stress tests and the latter did better than the first in terms of browsing. Cortana works both on OS and Edge. It is like siri for iphone users. To be able to use it,  tap the “Ask me anything” search field in the lower left and set up Cortana. Tapping Cortana at the beginning of the day provides a terrific summary of what you need to know like the weather, relevant news, local interests.


OneDrive, which is storing your documents in the cloud, is first introduced way back during the release of Windows 8. With the new Windows 10, OneDrive is now part of the OS, not just a third part app. It shows up as just another folder inside File Explorer.


Microsoft markets “windows as a service” meaning it is not just an stagnant OS rather a service that continually evolves. For a very long time, Windows 10 is the best Microsoft’s OS yet wether you’re home or a business user. Some desktops OS upgrades tend to become much difficult and makes it confusing for the consumer but Windows 10 managed it there.

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