THEFACESHOP Pomegranate and Collagen Volume Lifting Toner Review

IMG_4946-0As i migrated to a colder country, i thought of having purchasing different new products for myself since the products i’ve used before from the country where i came from were different than those that they sell in here. My forst concern is the dryness that i experienced since i got here. Im originally from a tropical country so the cold weather is so new to me. The weather made my face a little bit dry and the stress of moving to another country made me loose a little bit of weight so my face looked tired and a little bit if saggy.! I tried to google some products that might work for me and i came across with THEFACESHOP Pomegranate and Collagen Volume Lifting Toner.

Luckily there’s a THEFACESHOP outlet nearby so i rushed to try this out. The packaging looks good. The price of 26$ for a 50ml toner is not bad so i tried it.

It is in a heavy pumped bottle that is a little bit heavy as i thought and made it more look expensive. (im thinking i paid for the packaging lol). The first thing i read was the word “collagen” so i believed it is good for my face since collagen is well known to have many benefits for the skin. Although the marine collagen content is only 10% and pomegranate extract which is also believed to have a benefits for the skin, it only has 1% on it, it is worth giving a try.

 The texture is far different from the regular toners that i have been used. Usually, it should be watery like substance but this toner has a yogurt – ish texture which is good since it felt like it’s been absorbed in my face than the regular ones that ive used coz they’re absorbed in the cotton balls before it gets on my face.The toner gets absorbed quick in my face but it does not give me the feeling of being moisturized but it doe leaves my face feeling firm and tighter.  It has a fruity smell that helps me to put into sleep everytime i use it at night. It’s not that strong just the right amount and the scent quickly fades into a light fragrance.

I’ve been using this for a month now and i still have a quarter ml left in the bottle. I think this is a good buy for a first timer like me but i am still out there looking for a better product. I know it’s just there. It’s just waiting for me to be found 😂

Have you tried this product? Any thoughts?

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