Spicy Chicken Feet

IMG_3787The usual part of chicken when we eat it is its breast, leg and thigh or even the whole part. This article is about chicken feet’s recipe which is unusual for some if us. It’s an exotic food originated from Asia. Its not a food for the poor (because feet of chickens for some people are useless), instead it can be served as a food eaten with alcohol or bar food. I tried the recipe taught by my mom. While she was away because she’s working overseas, I lived in a condo alone for 2 years. And in that 2 years, expect of many friends coming over drinking and chilling at my place since i’ve got the spot with a nice view of night lights in the city.

  My visitors always asking for me to cook chicken feet and they usually wants it spicy. I usually serve it with an ice cold beer. Here’s my recipe:


1 kg of chicken feet

1 piece of garlic crushed

1/2 cup of soy sauce

1/4 cup of vinegar

3 pieces of bay leaves

1/4 cup of water

3 tbsp of brown sugar

3 tbsp of baking powder

1 teaspoon of salt

Cayenne Pepper (optional)


1) Bring to boil the chicken feet.

2) When soft and tender, let it cool and cut uts nails then rub the salt on it.

3) Wash with running water and drain.

4) Saute na garlic in minimum heat, add the chicken feet, soy sauce and vinegar and water. Bring to boil.

5) Add the sugar and baking powder to thicken the sauce. Add the salt and lots of catenne pepper (optional)

6) Lastly add the bay leaves for garnish.

7) Serve and enjoy!

There are other kinds of foods that’s really good when you serve it with beer. You could give this exotic food a try. I recommend this for people who loves spicy foods because the spices really blends in with the meat. The only downside of this food for me is it’s really messy when you eat it so make sure you have table napkin beside you when you serve it.


2 responses to “Spicy Chicken Feet”

    • it depends on every individual’s preferences i guess. well you could wait until they’re really drunk and forcefully feed them with this. mehehe just kidding 😁


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