Back to Black (not really black. just a darker shade of my old haircolor)

IMG_3597-0My natural haircolor was just black. When I was in college, i cannot color my hair because it was not allowed in our school. Now that i graduated, i’ve tried everything from bleaching to different colors like brown, auburn to orange blonde. I was really happy before then because it feels like atlast i am freee! i can do whatever i want with my hair. What i didnt realized was every treatment that i did to my hair gradually damaged it. So i decided to cut it to get rid off my damaged hair. It was very long like near in my waist. Years passed and i have a grown long hair again. Now i am very ecstatic to have it coloured again! I even bought a bleaching cream to strip off my natural hair color. Afterwards i colored it light red (Garnier Light Intense Red) just for a change. The packaging looked really beautiful and i imagined maybe i can look as good as the model in the box. So i bought it, applied it in my hair and…the result was horrible! It was awkwardly red 😦 I did not want the redness because it was so loud that caught everyone’s attention!  The other thing is it is not distributed well because i was the only one who put it in my hair. If you can’t imagine how horrible it was, take a look!

Now, after 2 weeks of suffering, i decided to color it again with a darker shade ofcourse! I chose the same brand Garnier Light Chestnut Brown.  

i bought 2 package because i have a long hair. And i made my sister to do everything from mixing to coloring. It only took us less than an hour. I was really hoping for a great result.

As you can see in the photo, we used a plastic bag to keep my skin from getting colored. And then after applying the hair color, we let it stay for 30 minutes. Then we washed it. Few restricted motions later…

It was a success! I was really happy with the results because i had my share of my 2 horrible weeks of red hair! Now, I am happy to be not teased as Jean Gray by my partner! lol

Did you also have a bad hair experience? What did you do to overcome it? Tell me your thoughts!

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