Dolce Far Niente to Galactic Eyes

IMG_3642Disclaimer: I did not made this eye make up (i wish i can!) All credits to my mua friend, Ms. Chylla.

As far as I can remember, it was a sunny afternoon filled with t.v., net surfing and binge eating for me (literally dolce far niente) when my mua friend Ms. Clarisse called me and asking for a favor to model in an eye make – up competition for her friend, Chylla. Since i’ve got nothing to do and i thought it’s gonna be a new experience for me, i agreed. We met up. We went to the competition. I remember it was Shu uemura who’s behind in that said competition. I was not informed it was that big and important! All i thought was it’s gonna be a simple modelling with the judges and all i have to do is just sit because it’s the make-up artists who’s really involved in the competition. But I was wrong.

We were asked to wear just a black tube, black leggings and sandals. And then the rest were made by Chylla. What she did to my eye make – up is something like galactic. The category is “unique with style” (something like that). She first re-shaped my eyebrows because it’s too messy! i won’t argue with that hehe. Then she cleaned my face using a toner, then applied a primer. Then she started to draw with my eyebrows. I honestly cannot see what she applies on my face coz most of the time, my eyes were closed but i tried to take a glance time by time. As you can see in the photo, my eyebrows were thicken and she brought it down to the bridge of my nose both sides. It looks like i only have three eye make up colors which are yellow, purple and a little bit of silver but i swear during that time, it felt like she applied not more than ten colors! I tried to peep, i can see her applying brown, or sometimes nude color to my eye so the result was really a surprise to me. I did not expected it! You can also see how good she is in blending colors. Her hands are so light i cannot almost feel it! I wish i had the same skills too! As i said, at the lid of my eyes at the middle part, she put some grayish to silverish eye powder to make it look more like “galactic”. Then for the eyeliner, she used a gel eye liner. It’s winged. Then of course false eyelashes. The first one is just a regular false eyelashes with black color just to pop out my eyes. The second one applied is the one that looks like Katy Perry’s peacock costume in her MV! I did not know where she bought them, i din’t even bother to ask because i cannot think of any occasion i could use those until now i am typing this blog. Oh yeah, i could use it in a costume or masquerade party right? Well if you want that false eyelashes, you could always google it.  And lastly, those swarovski – like gems two of them underneath my eyebrows and the three bigger gems on my eyelids. For the lower part of my eyes, first thing she did after professionally hiding my eyebags was she applied a yellow eyeshadow which you don’t normally do in a normal eye make – up. She put an edge on both side of my eye. It was the same thing for my eye – liner at my lower eyelids. Here’s a photo of what i’ve been talking about.

 After finishing the make up, i felt the judges walked around per station watching the make – up artists’ works. I cannot really see them because my eyes were closed most of the time. They gathered the models and the make – up artists in the stage and they made run in the cat walk just for them to be able to look and appreciate the make – up. Afterwards, they made each mua to explain what they did to the eye – make up. Why did they chose the color they used? What’s the story behind their artwork. Some of the model’s eye make up were like chess board with silver and black checkered makeup in their eyes. Some are nature – like themed eye make – up. As i said earlier, mine was galactic. Chylla explained it very well. It was a long explanation but her point was she chose the purple color with silver shadings and gems to make it look like “the outerspace” with stars at night and then the yellow eye color to include the “sun” into the galaxy because “sun” is also a kind of a star, actually the biggest one. And for the peacock eye – lashes to add femininity and grace with my eyes. It also accentuates my eyes. And guess who won the first prize? Chylla did!

Having an experience at this competition, though all i did was just sit and close my eyes, i really learned a lot. From making unique ideas for eye make – up to reasoning out every detail you did to justify your work. It was really a masterpiece!

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