When BIG Things Happen, SMALL things Matter

IMG_3374-0For special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, etc. we usually buy something as a gift but for me, nothing beats a personalized gift for that special someone, wether it’s your boyfriend/girlfriend, friends or relatives. It does not cost that much but the recepient feels special coz it’s a very unique item they could receive none other than you.

What i have in here is a photo of my gift to my partner. I decided to make it personalized this time because i really wanted him to feel that i cherish him so much. I wanted to put an effort not just  buying a very expensive gift. (i cannot afford it anyway lol) My gift was kinda usual though because you could see it all over the pinterest world! but what matters most is that it really came straight from the heart. i know he felt it too hehe.

What I did was first i made up a 3-5 sentences composing of sweet words and all cheesy stuffs. Then what i did was i cut all the food wrappers (candy, chocolate, junkfoods) and rearrange it as i pleased. It was hard for me at first to compose a sentence matching it with the wrappers i cut beforehand but thank goodness i did! I made sure everything’s perfect then i pasted it on the cardboard as i write the sentences i made. It’s like a message for him. (Please don’t mind the content of my photo, you might not be able to understand it because it was written in our own native language) I let my artwork to dry for annhour then i folded it and left it underneath his pillow so as he wakes up, it’ll be the first thing for him to see in that morning.

Any kind of gift is a treasure. No matter what size or how does it costs. After all when it comes to gift giving, isn’t it the thought that counts?  Tell me your thoughts!

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