Some People Feel the Rain, Others Just Get Wet

IMG_3313There is something or someone that reminds you when it is raining. It can be a very very sad music, or a happening that has a huge impact to you and yes rain is present while it occured ofcourse, or maybe your loved ones. It’s one of the nostalgic things in the world. The way the smell of it runs into your nose and voila you can catch yourself thinking about something connected to the rain. I remember my anatomy class where we had studied abou the olfactory or smelling senses. Whenever you use your nose, You suddenly recollect memories because of the great works of our olfactory memory. Maybe that’s the logical reason behind this. You could know some people who loves listening to rain drops. Count me in! It makes me feel relaxed like everything is at peace for a moment. Im really addicted listening to it to the point that i downloaded the ios app  Sleep Pillow . With this, I could play the raindrops sound over and over again. I really love falling asleep listening to the sound of the rain.

Some people loves a sunny weather because they could go outside and do whatever pleases them. When it rains, your actions are limited as to you have to stay put on a place if you don’t want to get wet and be sick. Others get to enjoy it. Other things i love when it’s raining are my cuddle buddies! Pillows and blankets and my teddy bear (given to me by my special someone), we call her  Jing Jing. I am deeply inlove with my man so much so everything that he gave me has its sentimental value to me. So when it rains, it feels like it amplifies its value to me. Is it weird? Oh well different people possesses different kind of weirdness.

The other thing i love to do when it’s raining and i’ve got all my free time is watching pre-downloaded movies. I usually watch horror movies. I like thriller and mystery movies too! There’s a vast variety of movies i watch so i won’t be able to tell them one by one. Though im not an avid fan of anime and manga, i am also addicted in watching Detective Conan. It’s like i am involved in solving mystery cases!

Hobbies while raining won’t be complete without eating ofcourse! In times like these i like to have my bowl of Spicy Korean Ramen. Here’s a shot of my plate Red King Ramen Akao at Ramen Nagi.  Yes it’s super spicy! Just the way i like it.

If you cannot afford to go outside to have your hot bowl of soup ofcourse you can have it home. A regular chicken noodle soup will do for me. Im planning to make a blog about that one next time.

Rainy season means a whole lot to me. It brings back experiences i’ve had, memories that has a huge impact to me or simply the flavor of my favorite soup.

2 responses to “Some People Feel the Rain, Others Just Get Wet”

  1. I love the rain too! It always amazes me that people dislike it so much, but you explained it pretty well there. However, like you, I find rain and rainy weather to be comforting weather, where I can relax and watch anime or blog with the soothing sound of the rain in the background.


    • definitely! the only downside for me is that you cannot go outside without getting your dress hair and make up ruined 😉 thank you for the comment! appreciated it!

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