Princess Leia’s Hair for a Day: Hair Phil Coop

IMG_3360-0Being involved in an on the spot modelling competition was hard for me not to mention i was a first timer. My mentor and make-up artist Ms. Malou did everything she could from the make-up to costume (which is the bridal category) and even in my mini workshops she put up with me. One thing i realized is that  it’s not all beauty and fancy when it comes to modelling. There goes all the struggles you have to put up with like a drastic diet i have to get through. I tried the 10 – day diet in which the only intake you must have was a lemon juice. It was crazy because i’ve been patiently on it for ten days. I was literally starving just to look more thinner. I won’t recommend this because after few weeks later i gained back my weight. Easy come easy go. I also have to attend my workshops which is exhausting because i’m still enrolled at school at that time.

For my make up, my mua did it more heavy on eye make up and the rest of my face lightly because the competition was all about hair so as you can see in the picture, my hair was awkwardly huge for a normal wedding. But just so you know for the other competitors, they had to wear extensions and wigs, i’m proud enough to say im not wearing one. But for my hair, what they did was they have to put a face towel rolled up inside my hair to look like bigger. And they braided the two parts of my hair where my hairline is in the middle. And don’t forget tons of hairspray! For my gown, we just rented it from a shop nearby for that occasion.

I have met a lot of people around there. Some are nice some are snobbish. You cannot please everybody just focus on yourself bear that in mind because if you let them affect you, your focus will be ruined. Good thing i have a very nice and sweet mentor. She supported me all the way!
It was  really a great experience for a first timer like me. Surviving a horrific yet terrifying phase in my life, i could say this is an accomplishment for me.

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