Custom Eye Enhancing Extreme Shimmer Strips Shadow & Liner Review By Physician’s Formula

Hi everyone! First of all, this is my first make up review as far as i remember so please bear  with me 😀 I’ll be honest, I bought this product because of its packaging. It looks cute and feminine. Instead of the usual plastic packaging, they used black hard cardboard which is sturdy by the way.

I also love the color shade which is nude pink. Personally, I always prefer to wear browns and nude shades for my daily make up and this collection got all the colors I wanted. It easily caught my attention when I was browsing the make up section in the drugstore. I got this for about 15$. The palette is available in two versions, Nude or Smoky. I got the Nude version because I want to include this on my daily make up collection.

When I first tried it, it looks softer, more like pale colored eye shadows. I loved the color there’s no doubt about it but the glitters are chunky and it seemed flaky.


I had a dry skin so it’s a factor in eye shadow application. I left it for 24 hours and the rest of pigmentation were gone but for the glitters, it’s all over my face. Although there were chunky glitters, it did not went inside my eyes.  I thought maybe I could use this everyday since it’s light and it would look good against natural sunlight.

Another tip is that you can use it after using different matte colored eyeshadow. This will serve a highlightener. Also, you can use this as a smokey pallete at night. Just by wetting your brush applicator, it will give you darker shiny shade.

Here’s a video of me trying to achieve natural look. I used the darkest shade as base. I used the tip of the applicator for lining. And then I used the flat side of the applicator for applying a lighter color all over the lid.

It looks decent enough for me. Over all, I recommend this product for those who are in love with glitter make up.

Thank you for reading my first ever make up review! Tell me your thoughts 🙂

Much love, J

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