Trip to Ikea, Some Life Lessons & Current Room Set up

The Story:

I was a young student way back when my sister and I had to live alone in a condo. There was no one except us. I have to do the cleaning, maintaining the house, taking care of the bills, cooking and so much more. I did not find it hard for me because I am enjoying myself doing things on my own. (not to mention about having no curfews). One thing that I enjoyed the most is doing decoration in our own space. I get to decide which will go on this place and which will not. Although sometimes my sister nags me about this unusual addiction of hoarding stuff to design our space, it really made me feel contented and fulfilled. I’d rather buy furnitures than make up. I remember those times when I’m done at school, I always go to shops that sells affordable furnitures. Way back in my homeland, we have this huge market called “Divisoria”. This is a go-to place whenever you want to buy affordable stuff. They have everything from house appliances, gadgets, clothes etc. The catch is it’s always crowded and not to mention the weather in our country which is very warm. Sometimes, it is not safe to shop alone because there are some thieves lurking in the area. (Lucky me I haven’t encountered them though I’ve been there for a couple of times). My tip is that don’t bring expensive stuff if you’ll go shopping. Don’t bring your entire wallet. It’s much safer if you go by twos or by group. Be alert on your surroundings and hold your bags on your front. Never use sling bags as it may be easily snatched.

I spend my own allowance in buying things like tables, chairs, curtains and even cleaning materials. I like doing things on my own. I love the feeling when I finish everything that’s needed to be done. There’s nothing that can replace that fulfillment. Sometimes, I shop with my friends. I let them help me carry the stuff that I buy. Sometimes, they pass and I go alone. It’s hard to decide but my inner conscience keep insisting on going. Whenever I come home, my sister complains about the stuff that I buy but she can’t do anything about it. I receive my allowance every month and I often buy things to design our space. I was still a student at that time that’s why it’s really hard for me to have a budget. Now that I am working and able to buy “real” stuff, I was really glad coz I know I can design my own room again.

The Room Set Up:

For now, I rearranged my bed room and fitted some stuff i bought from Ikea earlier. For the main show,  I bought this Micke Corner Desk. I personally chose this design because i think it will fit my not so big room and it will be perfect for my blogging, planning and studying.

The furmiture itself looks boring so i decided to amp it up with these lights. I really like using led lights. It makes my space look magical.

Almost all of the stuff 0n my desk is for my planner/journal. I spend my day a lot in this space so I try to keep them organized. I am a visual person and that’s another reason for me to love this desk because it comes with its pre-installed white board. I also use it in posting my favorite printed pictures.

Realization Part:

The physical world might feel different but the emotions you feel inside remains the same. Everytime I go to Ikea, it makes me smile whenever I notice things that I don’t usually encounter in our country way back when I buy stuff. There is no traffic. No noise pollution. It’s not crowded. It’s really comfortable to shop. But as soon as I get back home and check out the things that i buy, I realized that I still have the very same feeling wherever I shop. The  stuff I bought might not have the same quality of those that I can buy way back home but the fulfillment and contentment is the same.

Much Love, J.

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