Know What You Want

When we finally get the things we want in life, we will suddenly realize that we really didn’t needed these things. You may have everything you wanted in life but you will still feel emptiness inside. You’ll crave for a fulfillment that money cannot buy.

You’ll start to search for something that sets your soul on fire. Something that  makes you want to do stupid things. Something that gives a smile on your heart in your every waking day. Something that inspires and motivates you. Something that changes you for the better. Something that could fill the emptiness you have inside.

Some people are lucky to finally have this fulfillment in life. It will reflect in there eyes, with their smile, with their actions and how they interact with other people. They radiate that positivity among others.
Some people are still searching even though they’ve had everything they wanted. Contentment is another thing. But, why would you settle for things that doesn’t make you happy? Some people spend the rest of their lives finding for the truth. I cannot blame them. It’s not easy to keep yourself believing a lie than having a fear to search for the truth for the rest of your life. It feds you up. It’s going to ruin you inside, day by day.

So, for everyone who feels the same way, keep searching, keep looking. And when you finally found that thing, don’t hesitate to grab the opportunity, to seize the moment. We only live by the moment. We don’t need more of it, we just have to seize it, to feel it. Stop living in the past nor the future. In the end we’ll realize the peace we have been craving for could only be found within ourselves.

I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that it’s not the answer.

Jim Carrey


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