Dark Colors are the Best!

I’ll stop wearing black when they invent a darker colour.

– Wednesday Addams

I chose hiking for my summer ender hustle and bustle. Autumn is just around the corner so i dressed accordingly hehe. This black long sleeves from Hudson’s is very comfortable to wear in this occasion since its cotton fiber gives sufficient warmth on the body but it didn’t made me feel sweaty even though I tend to move a lot at that day. What I love about black color is that you can mix and match it with ANY color. Neutral colors are the best!

Since I am trying to release my inner Kylie Jenner look… (loljk) I wore  dark colored lippies by Mac. (Antique Velvet) It made my lips look much bigger and bolder. Just be mindful when you eat because unlike with the other lighter lip colors, if some part of your lips with this dark lippies will fade, it would be much noticeable.

I brought with me a gray sweatshirt from Aeropostale coz light rain was expected later on that day. Also, I used this sweater as an accessory to my outfit by tying it on my lower waist. Makes me feel comfy. (and it helps hiding my unwanted tummy!)

And of course, Yankees cap to protect thy face! I forgot where and how much O bought this item but believe me i will not buy this if it’s expensive since I am not really into wearing caps.

Summertime may be is the best time to show off the brights but if you are not really a color loving kind of girl like me (and most of the people,nowadays), you could always mix and match. 🙂

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