Indian Chicken Wrap

We used to drink with our indian friend who happens to be fond of cooking as well.  This is one of her recipe that we learned from her. It is basically an indian wrap made with chicken. It tastes like curry but we added some ingrediemt not usually found on a regular chicken curry. This is so easy to make and it’s not gonna cost you that much. If you are looking or craving for a different type of cuisine, this one is a must-try!

You will be needing:

1) Boneless and Skinless Chicken Parts


2) Curry Powder


3) Curry Paste
4) Spring Onions and Bell Pepper


5) Herb and Garlic Dip


6) Cayenne Pepper
7) Garlic Salt to taste
8) Shredded Mozarella Cheese


1) Boil the chicken parts until tender. (10-15 minutes) Let it cool down


2) Pull the parts of boiled chicken one by one.


3) Chop the spring onions and bell pepper.


4) Sauté first the pulled chicken parts on a heated pan.
5) Add the shredded mozarella. The cheesier, the better!
6) Lastly, add the chopped spring onions and bell pepper to  avoid overcooking the vegetables, add a spoon of water.


7) Add salt to taste.
8) Wrap them all up in a wrapper. (Does not matter if whole wheat or not.)

9) Grill for five minutes.


10) Serve with herb and garlic dip and enjoy!

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