Ever Have One of those Days? (Let’s Talk About Emotions)


Feelings never make sense. They get you all confused. Then they drive you around for hours before they drop you right back where you started.

Emotions can be deceiving. One day you’re happy one day you’re grieving. People’s moods varies from time to time. It may be because of different factors. First one is gender. Women are known to be more emotionally reactive than men. Intense emotion like anger and love are usually common. Well for me, it really depends because some men are emotional too. What i observed is that while women are more reactive on negative emotions, men are more showy than women when it comes to pleasure and happy emotions like for example watching funny movie. Second is chemical factor. For example, for most of the women who’s having her period, they all have this series of PMS-ing.

They’d be like a bipolar hungry emotional egoistic wicth. It may be the environmental factors like the weather. Some people are happy when it’s raining but most of the people i know feels sad about the rain maybe because they simply don’t want to get wet while some people gets grumpy and impatient quickly during a hoy weather. Some factors i usually observe with other people regarding with the sudden shift of emotions are social factors like when an individual  is experiencing problems with her love life or got engaged into a fight with his or her friend or relative, most likely they tend to transfer those emotions they feel from the person they’re dealing or need to deal with to the other specific insignificant person who doesn’t even have an idea why they are acting like that towards them. Family norm is to consider. If you grew up to a family where everything is chaotic and unpredictable, intense outburst of feelings and emotions are expected whereas if you grew up in a family that is stable, you could expect a calm and controlled emotions. Another thing to consider is our cultural norms. People with different races varies in different things included in showing emotions. People all over the world almost have the same emotions. We do hear about stereotypes that are placed on the emotional expressions of the different nationalities. For example, Brazilians are generally happy people. Italians are known to be warm and affectionate.

Whatever factor it may be; positive or negative emotions, it really goes down to the individual’s personality and uniqueness. Emotions can be tough and what’s important is don’t let it take over. Always remember emotions is just a temporary state of mind, dont let it permanently destroy you.

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