My Universe

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Things about you two were never  a cute love story about two ordinary people having their paths crossed and never let themselves go away without each other. Neither like a fairytale when prince charming came accross with this princess and suddenly a cupid strucked their hearts together and they fell in love and lived happily ever after. He is a timid guy busy in living in his own world where she does not exist while she was the world of another man. She is a hopeless romantic as well as him. He gave his heart to another woman long before he met her. She doesn’t care because he was just a stranger. She is devoted with that someone special, he doesn’t care because he has his own someone special.

Before she met you, she was fine with her life. She’s contented. She’s okay. She was fine until he came. Her life is meaningful because of her family and friends that surrounds her. She was indeed happy. Every morning she wakes up with nothing else to think (well maybe what flavor of perfume will she wear or what should she have for breakfast). She never have to knew what was in his mind at that time. Those times when she was just nothing but an acquaintance to him. She never kew so much about him. When he open his eyes in the morning, does he sit up first or just stand and proceed to whatever he has to do? Does he have insomnia too? Does he love spicy foods as much as she does? She really did not care at all. Because they were both strangers in their own eyes.

It was a sunny day when they were introduced. He look so fine at that time. One thing that caught her attention is his shy smile. Everytime their eyes meet, he just seem to ignore her and she did not care.

Days passed and things changed and happened quickly. One thing they knew they’re inseperable. Literally insepereable. Things started to change when his happiness left him without reason. It was his eyes that reflected everything he felt. Those eyes of a man trying to hide a pain. That time she started to care. She rarely knew a man who can care that much for that someone. She cared not because she wanted to be okay with you but she wanted him to be okay. And by the God’s grace, he moved on. And then the worst thing happen to her. When her own world fell into pieces. For the same reason, her world left left her without a reason. There’s always a reason to everything they say. At that time she did not knew what was the reason. And now she can say, God took away her world but gave her the universe. And that was him. When she was down, he helped her. He was there ready to listen about her hatered. He helped her to get back on her feet again. Things changed.

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