It’s Not Only The Scenery You Miss By Going Too Fast

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

I am a working girl 8 hours a day 6 days a week. I only have one day off so I really really treasure it. This coming August my schedule will be changed once again. The uncertainty of having doomed day off/s haunts me every night so i decided to be a YES man starting last week up to August. Say yes to everything! You need more time to relax and enjoy life while you’re still young and able. I once read from an article, “fvck money, work hard to earn enough money, travel and enjoy.” I support it but not that much because i would want to reserve enough money not only for myself but for my future plans BUT at the same time pampering myself with different vices like travelling You cannot have everything but you can decide what happens in your life. You’re the captain of your own ship remember?

It was 1pm when I was out from work. I always start from my work very early in the morning, probably 5am. I want my schedule because after work i can do a lot of things. I am fond of biking, jogging and roaming around the city. When it’s weekend, it’s our family tradition to go suburbans, have a sumptuous picnic, a little sight seeing (and don’t forget the picture taking) and have a little bit of breather from city’s pollution.

Last Saturday, we went in Lake Auburn Bay. We attended a birthday party located at that lake so food’s not gonna be a problem. Actually we had plentiful of foods i almost throw up! It was a family friend’s birthday party so it was crazy. There are lots of people invited whom I don’t know. (Sometimes i hate being with crowded people. It suffocates me.) So after eating and mingling with some members of our closest family friend, me and my sister decided to roam around the lake since it was our first time.

The lake was so beautiful though it was jampacked during  our first three hours of stay. On the latter hours, people started to go home because it rained. You can see people going back in their gazeebo like tiny ants. I thought I will not be able to see and appreciate the lake’s beauty but then the sun rose again. People are back and so are we. The sun dried fast so i decided to release my inner photography skills loljk.

The lake was not that bad even though it was man -made. I find it better than the other lakes we’ve been through maybe because of the controlled crowd too. It was not that jampacked compared to other public lakes. This lake is private and you have to have a visitor’s pass to enter. In our case, we got mine from our family friend. It was nice and clean but some people cannot refrain from throwing their trashes at the side – walk (i mean trash cans are located everywhere and they’re located in there for a reason) You can see different people in different ages but mostly kids are enjoying the most. I remembered the kid i just met, Alyanna (family friend’s relative), she just suddenly ran on my face and shouted “This is the best day of my life!”. Kids will always be kids and it’s nice to see her at her young age enjoying the outdoors and not addicted into some crappy mobile apps. (But after playing and getting all dirty from the sand, i saw her and the other kids, well, playing phones. Well we can’t help it lol)  In a beautiful place like this, people are not the only ones who’s enjoying it, even the animals too! Like birds and fishes. A well kept place like this would not have a healthy living habitants unless they’re convenient for living right? You can see birds flying we can almost catch them!

This was a very great experience for me (not to mention the free foods lol). You can do many things that interests you like boating, frisbeeing, volleyball,basketball. Al though i saw some surf boards, it’s not recommended because there are no developing waves to ride on because it’s a man made lake. They do also have indoor gym where you can play indoor basketball. They have lockers and clean comfort room (which is very important in places like these) which are all located at the main building.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Staying indoors during summer is a bummer! Enjoy the sun while it’s there. There’s nothing wrong in working hard but don’t forget to take a break too. As they always say, life is too short. If your a homebody, (well i can say i’m a homebody too but i really enjoy going out at the same time), i know sun is not going nowhere but letting go of that moment that should have been transpired sucks. You may not regret of letting the opportunities to enjoy with your friends or family, maybe your motto is “There will always be a next time.” It does not matter for now, because when you’re young, your mindset is to be rich, to gain money. But please don’t forget to enjoy the little things in life because one day when you look back, it is when you’ll realize they were the big things. .

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