The Pros and Cons of Living in an Appartment

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Different people has different lifestyle preferences. Some would rather live in a house while others prefer renting appartments. We will tackle what are the advantages and disadvantages of appartment living.


Safety – Unless you are born rich and can afford to have a security guard at your own house, well this applies to middle class families and single tenants. Security guards at the lobby, cctv camera at the hallways says it all.

Amneties – such as swimming pools, playground for kids, laundry services and gym. These are some of the benefits in appartment living. Not to mention the nearby restaurants and pubs.

Maintainance – there is always someone who can do the repairs you need and take note, no need to clean the back yard, shoveling snow during winter. Maintainance men takes care of everything coz that’s whatthey are paid for right? All you have to worry is your personal space.


Limited Privacy – this is a giveaway. Living with just a wall away with your neighbors can be tough mostly to those who still go to school. Uncontrolled noises such as footsteps, loud music, arguing neighbors. etc.

Limited Space – You have to work and to deal with the space that you have. Be more creative in organizing furnitures to maximize the space that you are going to use. Some stores like ikea and some japanese home depot stores offers foldable furnitures like a couch turning into a bed and vice versa.

Restrictions – this is what i hate most because some appartments doesn’t allow pets or if they do, you have to pay them extra bucks. Sucks right? But not just for you but for the pet too coz they don’t have enough space for exercise (you could bring them to a nearby park but you cannot do that all the time so yeah -_-) The other thing is when you badly want to decorate your appartment, well you can’t and yes you have to pay another extra bucks if at the end of the contract, the appartment that you rented is not as the same as it was before you lived in it. House party? Appartment party? Don’t ever think about it if you don’t want your guest to feel like sardines in a can. Limited parking lot is the other thing. But you have a choice to just park at the side of the road and some appartments do have visitor parking area but then again it is limited.

Appartment living may come either handy or hard for a person. It’s just really a matter of personal preferences and lifestyle right? Tell me your thoughts 🙂

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