A Dead Nail’s Trust

Just like the pain you feel when your pinky toe bumps on the edge of the table, when your trust is crushed down by someone, it hurts like hell and the sad thing about is you cannot do anything about it. You can’t revive a dead nail right?

It looks ugly, unpleasing to the eye. (sometimes it smells bad too) *sorry for ruining your dinner :p* Can you imagine one of the smallest part of your body has that great impact in you? you can’t walk straight, you keep whining about the pain, your angry as hell for being the stupid one bumping that table that has not done anything to you. Just like a broken trust, it crushes you deep inside when you realize that the one person you trusted had backstabbed you, they chose to do the things that may hurt you just for their own good. You hated the fact that you are so stupid believing in their lies.

A very small part of your body caused you too much pain. A very small thing that person has done caused you too much pain. Your trust is broken.

Unlike the table that hurted your pinky toe, the person who broke your trust will either try to gain your trust again or let you go. Now, what happens to the pinky? Pinky will say “no” because the wound is still fresh, because it still hurts. but just like your pinky toe, every wound will heal in time. Slowly, it will grow again good as new. And one thing you know your back at the front of the table almost bumping to it again. But you know better now. You’ve learned. And wether your decision is to trust or not to trust again, you know deep down that whatever happens, you have completely fully functional, indestructable pinky toe and no one can ever ever bring you down. not even a slight bump onto that table. 🙂

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