5 Awesome Thrift Store Finds!

Old but gold.

I’ve been always a fan of thrift shops in my younger years. Some people are not fond of buying pre-owned items, but it’s just like what they say “old but gold”.  There are lots of goods you can find in your trip to a thrift shop. If you haven’t gone to any i suggest you to try it! Unlike what others (my mom) says that almost all of the things they sell are either dirty, not functioning well or owned from already dead people (which is creepy btw), this is NOT entirely true. I had some stuff from different thrift stores and they are all in good working condition. It depends on who is using it and what is the item in the first place. You’ll not gonna buy them if they’re wrecked anyway.

Here are five common good items that you can have!

  1. Furniture – who doesn’t love furniture? Old mostly wood furniture are some common items you can find in a thrift shop. They won’t sell it unless it is on good condition. Chairs, tables, piano mention it they probably have it!  According to what I have heard, some of these furniture are either refurbished, donation or sold by a low price by the real owner. So there’s a greater chance that you’ll have these precious items in low prices. This is a go-to shop for those who are fond of new stuff to decorate their space but doesn’t want to invest that much money.
  2. Toys – it’s really nice to know that these shops are also offering stuff for kids and kids at heart. Unfortunately, some thrift shop where i have been are selling defective toys so beware of those. And this is where my mom’s most famous lines come in handy. That some of the items are dirty. Remember that these items will be played by your kids (who happens to have a low immune system because of their young age) so be careful in picking up toy items!
  3. Books – you can find them everywhere! The cheapest price that I have encountered was cents. Reading is a luxury and we are lucky that these stores offer a vast variety of books from cooking, novels, DIY and even academics. It’s uncanny how people save the pages of extremely old books. 🙂
  4. Antique Items – just like furniture, you can use these as a decoration in your space. Some of them are vintage cameras, old but gold typewriters and many more! I am fond of film cameras. I actually have one i recently bought and it is amazing! Still works perfectly fine. What I’m trying to point out is not everything from thrift shop is gone for good. Some people find gems in other people’s garbage.
  5. Vintage Kitchenware – some thrift shops offer vintage kitchenware. Mind you, they look stunning but they are not cheap. From tea cups to plates with gold edges, they all have it! You can use it for dining but I think it looks better in a cabinet to show off for your visitors like this one.

Thank you for reading my blog! Any thoughts?

Much love, J.

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