Johnston Canyon Hike

Johnston Canyon is one of the most popular day hikes in Banff National Park. It’s accessible and perfect among people of different ages and groups.

During our visit, there were scattered trees laid down in the heart of the forest. We don’t have any idea if it is for restoration or for keeping the hikers safe from weak trees that might collapse anytime.

You’ll start to notice scattered tiny waterfalls and river surrounded by the forest itself as you walk deeper through the upper part of Johnston Falls.

If you go on a steeper trail to a platform overhanging the gorge, you can have a view across to the top of the falls that drop a dramatic 40 meters.

A view from below leading you to lower Johnston falls. Gazing upon these huge trees and white rock formation is breathtaking!

Lower Johnston falls.

There is a 100 meter in height deck that allows the hikers to enjoy the upper Johnston Falls. You can clearly hear the water gushing in this location. Personally, this is one of the best views you can see during your hike.

Starting point of our trail. This is still the outer part of the forest. Tall trees will welcome you as you walk through. Surprisingly, there was no any kind of insect that bit us. The place is safe. There are no signs of bear habitats.

A bridge crossing the creek serves as an excellent viewing spot. Just beware of your cameras getting splashed with water!

This catwalk that leads to a viewing platform looking across to the bottom of the falls. White rock formation continues until you reach the top part where the upper falls is located. It’s hard to take decent photos since this is the only pathway through the upper falls. We were patient (and lucky) to obtain this picture.

View from below.

Hiking Tips:

  • There is no public transportation going to this location. You can go with your own vehicle or book with tour companies based in Banff.
  • This is extremely popular trail for tourists. It can get very congested mostlikely on summer although you can still hike during winter. You can wear comfy footwear during summer but make sure to wear your proper hiking attire during wet seasonas the trails can get muddy.
  • High altitude areas makes you run for your breath. Make sure to have a rests and take stops.
  • Don’t forget your drink, snacks and camera!

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