First Trip To Forever?

Is it really important to travel with your S.O. before tying the knot?

The best-EST part of long distance relationship is the time that you’re gonna be able to finally get together with your beloved one after those long long, never- ending, almost unbearable lonely nights. After one year of longing (&skyping), i finally got the chance to have a 2-week vacation  in spite of my tight schedule due to school and work. One thing that i hate about going home is that there are plenty of things to do and many appointments to make but you only got limited time. In my case, I tried to squeeze all of my time in doing my errands and the last thing that I have to do before going back home is getting a vacation slash breather after these tiring errands. So me and my partner decided to go out of town and spend some time alone together. This experience is really important for us because it was our first long trip together. I’ve read some articles before in the internet that you really don’t know your partner  unless you both have traveled together.

“I have found out there ain’t no surer way to find out whether you like people or hate them than to travel with them.” – Mark Twain

At the end of our trip, I just realized that i should have traveled with him before we got married. loljk 🙂 We’ve been together for almost three years when we decided to get married. Everything is fast paced. Everyone’s having their opinion but we did not mind. We just focused on ourselves in making big decisions. In our journey, i just realized that I tied a knot to the  kind of man that is fit for me. Marriage is not all about love. There will be times that you’ll both get a bumpy ride but that’s okay as long as you both know how to hold onto each other during these though times. As we travel, we realized some things that we could relate for the enhancement of our relationship. You’ll learn to compromise on things. Every time you go backpacking, you both need to make decisions whether it may be small things like what to eat, where to eat, what time to leave, where to go next etc or to big decisions like financing. We learned to compromise, we learned to listen to each other’s ideas.

In your adventures, you’ll learn how to deal with each other. When you travel for a long time with your partner, there’s a chance that you’ll gonna notice some negative traits of your partner like the way he snores at the middle of the night, or, how it bums you when he or she asks you to perform proper hygiene before hitting the sack when you thought all your life that you’ve been doing it right. It will annoy you, yes it will but in the end you’ll see yourself not being forced by the things he or she wanted to be done but you’ll learn how to accept things. You both deal with things.

Traveling with your partner is really a great experience. You’ll have a memory to cherish forever but not until you face some circumstances that may ruin your supposed to be best days and nights. When you go out of town and suddenly something happens that is not part of the plan, you are not going to ditch your partner. You will both deal with it (sometimes not as a mature person) but both of you will get there. Both of you will learn to make it work.

Just like traveling, you have a choice to travel alone but you choose your S.O. to be with you even without having any assurance that it will work the way you planned it. 

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