Kikki-K Medium Sized Peach Perforated Planner Unboxing

Hi! welcome to the unboxing of kikki-k’s medium peach perforated planner! Kikki-k is an Australian/Swedish brand and community that sells stationary supplies, generates craft ideas all about art and paper love! This last February, I got a gorgeous package from kikki-k and it’s absolutely stunning!

The package itself is looking cute with all these doodles and scribbles.

They filled in the space inside with air bags just to secure and hold the items in place. So thoughtful eh?

There were 5 items I got. Those were the Cute Dashboard Kit, Notepad, Clip magnets, Quote cards and the planner itself.  

The “cute” dashboard kit looks like this. They have different themes to choose from and apprently i prefer the cute dashboard kit theme to go with the planner i got. They’re very colorful and full of life!

Printed notepad and refills for medium sized planner to customize planner’s contents. They come with different themes as well.

You can use these gorgeously printed quote cards in designing your planner or even your workspace. It comes with a durable wood stand where you can insert and display different quote cards as you may please.

And now, to the main character, the planner itself.
 It comes with a gorg cake-like box to protect the leather i guess? I personally prefer to keep this box just for storage purposes.

Isn’t it stunning?

As you can see, the perforations on the leather finish makes it more elegant and pleasing in the eye, though i’m just bothered coz dirt may get in easily as i use it.

All in all, i’m in love. 🙂

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