Fiori di Como: Man Made Glass Artwork

Taken at The Bellagio, Las Vegas casino ceiling lighting made of beautiful glass art work. Such an awesome masterpiece made by a human hand.

This art piece is about 2,000 pieces of hand-blown glass, covers approximately 2,000 square feet of ceiling made none other than by the famous american glass sculptor Dale Chihuly.

“Everything about the ‘Fiori di Como’ was new: the scale, the armature, and the glass. First I had to develop the way the ceiling would look: the depth, new glass forms, the technique for holding the glass, all the safety issues involved in suspending a 40,000 pound artwork overhead.”

– Dale Chihuly

“Fiori di Como” means “Flowers of Como” which was inspired by the hotel on Lake Como in Italy. Chihuly employed a team made up by more than 100 professionals: glassblowers, architects, engineers, shippers, installers, and fabricators.







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