Everybody has their own point of view. Each of us has our own limited perception thus, we cannot know everything. The information that we have might be not sufficient yet we make our own presumptions. Maybe that’s the reason why even though we were all in the same situation, we all believe that our own perception is true.

We might just be seeing the small part of the whole picture that leads us to the wrong direction. We also have different experiences in life that may affect our own perception. Every individual has their own beliefs, cultural background and practices that might affect person’s judgment. Context is another thing. Having different perspective from each other doesn’t mean that you are right and they are wrong vice versa. We just need to look at the bigger picture and willingly open up our minds for other’s opinions and view.Having a valid argument because of each individual’s contradicting perspective, believe it or not is healthy. You get to discuss each other’s point of view. (Unless that discussion is not composed of shouting, literally arguing, nagging and protest). When hearing someone’s opinion that contradicts your own opinion, you don’t have to argue right away but you don’t have to agree either. Take time to listen and put yourself in their own situation, may be in that way you’re about to realize that maybe at some point, that other person is right.8AF4641F4C2DB5DB41B0C875FF10AC56

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