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                      CA Tower Experience

We went for a tour in a beautiful and emerging place of Calgary, AB. It was a sunny afternoon when me and my relatives went for the said tour. It was first time both for me and my sister but it’s the fourth time for my mom to go there. The tower is located at the heart of downtown so you’ll expect to see grand buildings around you. Upon entering the tower, you need to pay depending on what category of age you are included. Here is a guide of rates that they have dated at year 2015.

Included in the package are brochures, headset with ads all about the tower, a techy mini map (just like an ipod) as a guide and a multi media tour for the visitors.

The tower is 1,228 metres above sea level that offers a spectacular view of the city and breathtaking landscape that surrounds it.

Located at the right edge is the incredible glass floor in where you can see the bustling city streets far below you.

They also have Observation Deck in which you could view surroundings from afar. They also offer souvenirs like Calgary Tower Collectible Coins.

This tower also features daily LED light shows each morning and nightly light shows from dusk to midnight. We did not get to experience this because we were there during daylight.

Also, above the tower where the glass floor is located, there is also a revolving restaurant called DINE SKY 360 that offers their guests a world class meal served with a view of the city. It revolves once every 45 minutes during lunch and once per hour during dinner.

If you are planning to visit, i suggest you to check their schedule first.

This is truly a magical exhilirating experience for me for a cheap cost. I will definitely come back but i’ll surely try the midnight LED show!


I went there few days after Christmas 2015 and here’s what it looks like. 

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