Basic Brownies Recipe

I have work scheduled tomorrow and it’s my sister’s off. People in our work usually bring “outside food” (because i work in the food industry, i use this term to describe products that we do not sell). Since it was her day off, i requested her to bake me some brownies because i was craving for it. Whenever we want to bake or cook something and we don’t want to bug our mom about the recipe, google serves as our helping hand.Here’s what she did. First things first. Gather all the ingredients!

  1. Flour
  2. Measuring Scoops12380020_10207181409486291_1961458305_n
  3. Baking Powder
  4. Table Salt
  5. Brown Sugar
  6. Eggs12431581_10207181409646295_1028458148_n
  7. Dark Chocolate12404157_10207181410126307_282656449_n
  8. Vanilla Extract12421328_10207181409846300_519969359_n
  9. Butter
  10. Milk


  1. Mix the flour with the brown sugar.
  2. Add a few tablespoon of milk while heating the mixture in a pan.
  3. Microwave the dark chocolate until it melts and add it into the mixture.
  4. Add the butter.
  5. Add the eggs. (In our brownies, we used 2 eggs.)12380010_10207181409766298_920786361_n
  6. Mix thoroughly and add the vanilla extract lastly.12399077_10207181409886301_1541878646_n
  7. Turn off the heater and preheat the oven for 350 degrees.
  8. Transfer the mixture into a pan and oven for an hour or until it rises.12404616_10207181410326312_1766103803_n
  9. Serve and enjoy!

**As you can see, i did not included the measurements of each ingredients because it’s up to you.  How much you will use depends on how big is your brownies gonna be and how sweeter you want it to be. That’s why you need these measuring scoops.

When my sister brought this brownies at work, my workmates ate them all! 😦 But it’s fine coz i know how to make ’em anyways. 🙂

Do you have any suggestions to improve this basic recipe for brownies? Tell me your thoughts!


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