An Unconventional Christmas Decor Idea


Christmas is in the air and it definitely has arrived. Wind is getting colder, joyful christmas carols everywhere, and don’t mention about the extravagant christmas decors people are making! Some people’s christmas comes early. They start shopping gifts early to avoid the hassle of crowded shopping centres. Some are very excited celebrating christmas they even start celebrating it as early as September. Some people would just love to spend a LOT of money just to buy christmas decors. and stuffs. What is christmas without a Christmas tree eh?

For this blog i would just like to share to you what i have thought and did about decorating our Christmas Tree. Anyone could buy an extravagant tree with expensive decors on it but no one can have the same style you have if you decorated your tree personally. My mom started decorating our tree last week and i find it..uhm well, nice? Just an average good looking tree i guess. But I wanted it to look unique. A decoration that i could call mine. A crafty idea hit me when i was studying. What i did was i collected the things that i need like:

1) A couple of Pine Cones

2)  Glittered Nail Polish

3) Hooks

Yes i just needed these tree to reinvent our traditional tree. What i did was:

1) Collect the pine cones (you could get them at the nearby park or just directly from the tree)

2) Place the hook above the pine cones to secure it on the tree.

3) Color the pine cones with glittered nail polish.

4) Hang them on the side or edge of your table for drying or you could simly let them hang on your christmas tree.

It’s cheap but it’s a unique way in reinventing your traditional Christmas Tree. The good thing about this is it jives on whatever theme of your tree is having.

So what are you waiting for? Release that inner artsy side of yours and let’s start decorating trees with unique techniques. I bet your mom would be glad about it. Tell me your thoughts. 🙂

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