Let’s Dance in the Sun!

IMG_5415Pools and beaches are some of the attractive places you can go during summer. People expect you to wear bikinis and other revealing clothes. Some people are not used in doing so but they wanna fit in so they’ll do and they end up crouching and appearing shy. Some people do wear bikinis and just cover up but then, they still don’t feel comfortable. One key of having a stunning outfit is just not about the clothes. Confidence and comfort is really important.Just like some people, i am not used in wearing revealing clothes. I’d rather wear thin garments to beat the heat up. As you can see, a striped bikini top tube and a long black see-through flowing skirt both from UNIQLO is what i wore. It’s very light and compliments my long legs. 😉 Whenever i want to swim, i just take off my long skirt and im off to go!
*hair beach waves is a plus during summer but i stopped bleaching and coloring my hair at that time because it gets a lot of damage during this season because of frequent sun exposure.

What are your thoughts?

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